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Areas Served

  • Addlestone
  • Bisley
  • Bookham
  • Burpham
  • Byfleet
  • Chertsey
  • Chobham
  • Cobham
  • Egham
  • Englefield Green
  • Esher
  • Fetcham
  • Hersham
  • E & W Horsley
  • Lightwater
  • Merrow
  • Ockham
  • Ottershaw
  • Oxshot
  • Ripley
  • Send
  • Shepperton
  • Sunbury
  • Sunningdale
  • Thorpe
  • Virginia Water
  • Walton 0n Thames
  • West Byfleet
  • Weybridge
  • West End
  • Woking

Lawn problems

There are a great many things that can affect the appearance of a lawn. Sometimes it is something occurring in the soil, it can be a deficiency of some sort alternatively it may be the way the lawn is being looked after. The best thing to do is get in a lawn professional to identify the root cause and suggest options to overcome the problem.

Problems can include:

  • Disease – there are a number of fungal diseases that can effect grass. Some are simply unsightly while others can be very serious and cause the grass to die. It is important that these are identified early so an appropriate fungicide can be applied if required. The more common diseases include:
    • Fusarium
    • Red Thread
    • Dollar Spot
    • Take-all Patch
    • Rust
    • Brown Patch
    • Snow Mould
    • Anthracnose
  • Mushrooms & Toadstools – Mushroom & toadstools are the fruiting bodies of fungi that exist in the soil. While they are unsightly the vast majority do not cause any real problems to the lawns. They generally appear during warm damp conditions, most often in the autumn. Fungi are an important organism in the soil in that they help to break down organic matter releasing nutrients into the soil.
  • Dry Patch – This is a situation where the soil becomes water repellant or hydrophobic and the effect of it is to starve the grass of moisture. The problem can be caused by fungal activity, the soil thoroughly drying out or excess thatch. DSCF01932

    The problem is addressed by applying a wetting agent which removes the wax like coating on the soil and allows moisture to permeate into the soil. Aeration may be required to improve the effectiveness of the treatment. It is essential that the lawn is watered extensively after treatment to achieve results in the absence of rain.